In recent years herbal usage and holistic remedies have been on the rise, but these are not new techniques. Herbs and botanicals have been present in various medicinal and cooking practices since Neanderthals roamed Earth. Centuries of use have led to the expansion of herbal usage and manufacturing. About 50% of medicine in the last few decades have originated from herbal extracts. Here at American Botanicals, we understand that each customer has different needs, and we proudly provide wildcrafted, organic and conventional herbs and botanicals.

What are conventional herbs and botanicals?

The Dietary Supplemental Health and Education Act of 1994 classified botanical herbs as food supplements that do not require a prescription; This means you can go to any supermarket or drug store and purchase them. Popular herbs and botanicals include soy, garlic, ginseng, and ginkgo, among others. However, there is a controversy between organic and conventional herbs and botanicals like what we see between organic and genetically modified food.

The conventional herbs and botanicals we carry at American Botanicals are grown in controlled environments with the use of pesticides and fertilizers to promote growth. These plants are exposed to pests and other contaminants. This method can be seen as controversial, which is why we also offer organic and wildcrafted herbs. It does allow for the production of a larger variety of products in a more controlled environment. We want to enhance the consumers’ experience by giving you more options. However, we practice the safest use of these chemicals. Our products are also cleaned and inspected with the utmost care.


Although herbs and botanicals can be bought without a prescription, it does not mean they do not pose any adverse side effects. Like any drug, particular herbs and botanicals can cause side effects for certain people, especially when they are in tandem with pharmaceuticals. A study conducted by the Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology found that 45% of the patients in the study co-used herbs with pharmaceuticals. This is important because it shows that many people use herbs with pharmaceuticals without knowing the secondary response of your body.

Adverse side effects are difficult to determine because each person uses them differently, and there are so many different combinations that one could take. Before co-using, you should consult with your doctor to figure out what is best for you.

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