wholesale botanicals and herbsAmerican Botanicals has partnered with farmers and wildcrafters who are just as committed to using sustainable methods as we are. Choosing to responsibly and ethically grow our business and share our wholesale botanicals and herbs has been our biggest priority from the start. Putting ourselves at the forefront of sustainability has allowed us to build better relationships with our customers and our wildcrafters, and lets us create the best products possible. See for yourself how American Botanicals is working to promote sustainability, all while producing the best wholesale botanicals and herbs.

Using Our Resources 

Located in West Virginia, American Botanicals resides on 33,000 acres of leased land. Having this continuous acreage allows for the harvest of botanicals through completely sustainable methods. It also gives us better control of the harvest, and ensures the quality of our products. 

Being located in the heart of medicinal botanical territory for the entire industry has its benefits. We’re able to dry all material at the same location for roots, barks, and herbs which eliminates the need to send it off to another location which requires additional resources for transportation and the drying process itself. 

Environmental and Economical Sustainability

Being the largest North American wildcrafted producer means that we have a lot of responsibility to have positive impacts on our environment and in our communities. Thus, we believe that our contribution to promoting conservation and building a strong community will have the biggest positive impact on the environment, which is why we’ve made these two concepts our main focus. 


One of the ways American Botanicals promotes conservation of our sourced wild botanicals is by following the guidelines set forth by AHPA (American Herbal Products Association). AHPA’s guidelines set sustainable practices for communitywildcrafting which ensure that all spices, herbs and botanicals are grown, protected, and harvested using ethical and sustainable methods. Another way we’ve been able to improve our impact on the environment is by changing the way we package some of our products. Our carob is now packaged with 100% recyclable cardboard, and our sassafras is packaged in reusable super sacks. 

By following the safe and ethical methods set forth in AHPA’s guidelines, and constantly being aware of our impact on the environment, we are able to provide the best wholesale botanicals and herbs, all while promoting sustainability in our environment. We are always looking for new eco-conscious methods to use in our practices that will improve our impact on the environment and will help sustain our natural resources. 


One of the things we are most proud of at American Botanicals is how we’ve been able to support and build strong communities in local areas. We’ve been able to provide many locals with job opportunities, which in turn has generated more revenue for local areas. Being committed to the amazing farmers and wildcraft suppliers that provide us with such quality products is one of our main focal points. We know how important it is for the rural communities in which we operate to be successful so that they can maintain their own livelihoods and continue the work they are so passionate about.

Wholesale Botanicals and Herbs from American Botanicals 

At American Botanicals, we don’t just focus on getting our product, we emphasize how we get our product. From beginning to end, starting with growing and finishing with packaging, we ensure that our methods are sustainable and ethical for the environment and for the local communities we support. We feel confident in our practice, and our products. If you want to learn more about wholesale herb suppliers, visit American Botanicals online. Or you can shop our products here!

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