Are you looking for some different remedies to prevent seasonal sickness? If you’re tired of taking the numerous pills, sometimes with unwanted side effects, check out this blog to learn about some herbs and spices that boost immunity. Then, head over to our shop to see our selection of bulk herbs and spices.

  1. Turmeric 

Turmeric is that mysterious spice that hides in the back of your mother’s cupboard that she only brings out in emergencies, but it’s becoming more and more popular as a “super spice.” However, this is an ancient spice that has been used for centuries for a variety of health benefits. The active ingredient, curcumin, contains powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that boost your immune system. It’s also known to be effective in fighting free radicals and lowering the risk of heart and brain disease.

       2. Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is great for adding a little spice and flavor into any dish and comes with many different health benefits. These peppers contain capsaicin that suppresses the inflammatory process in your body, as well as aids the digestive system by combatting gastrointestinal pathogens and ulcers. Cayenne pepper also contains a high concentration of vitamin A which is important for your immune system, the proper function of vital organs and supports healthy growth.

     3. Garlic 

Garlic is another primitive herb that has been said to have special powers like fending off vampires and werewolves and giving ancient warriors strength before the battle. It may not be as potent as that, but it does possess hidden health benefits. Thanks to modern science, we were able to figure out that garlic gets its powers from sulfurs that form when a garlic clove is chopped, crushed or chewed. It contains antioxidant properties that combat brain disease and protects cells against aging. It’s also known to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol.

     4. Ginger

Ginger is filled with nutrients and bioactive compounds that boost your immune system and provide a variety of health benefits. It originates from China, and it’s almost always served with sushi dishes. Ginger is in the same family as turmeric and is widely known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and treating different forms of nausea and indigestion.

     5. Thyme

Thyme comes from the mint family, and there are over 400 subspecies of thyme. It is a versatile herb that has been used since ancient Greeks and Egyptians for incense to medicinal purposes. It is loaded with vitamin C and A to boost immunity. It is also used in essential oil form and added to teas for a simple cough remedy. Recent studies have also noted thyme as an effective acne cure when mixed with alcohol.

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