There are many advantages to buying products in bulk, especially spices and herbs. You may wonder what you would do with an abundance of herbs and spices in your home, but you’ll find there are more uses for these items beyond cooking. 

Uses for Herbs and Spices

Without the robust flavors of herbs and spices, food simply wouldn’t be the same. Meals would be bland and dull and cooking might not be as enjoyable for you. Not only are herbs and spices used for cooking, but they can also be used in various ways around your home. Take a look.

buy herbs and spices in bulkCreating Natural Household Products

You can use herbs and spices to create natural products to use around your home. For instance, you can create a natural deodorizer using herbs such as lavender and rosemary. Also, many herbs and spices are used to create natural food and fabric dyes. Turmeric for example, creates a beautiful natural yellow color, and hibiscus is used for making natural red dyes. Also, certain herbs and spices may be used as a natural bug and pest deterrent such as cinnamon and garlic. Not only are these homemade products a great natural alternative to traditional household products, but they can also save you money by utilizing ingredients you already have.

Creating Natural Home Remedies

Herbs and spices also have health supporting properties that can be used as a natural alternative to more traditional medicinal products. For instance, turmeric is known for having anti-inflammatory properties and ginger has been proven to support a healthy digestive system. For a warm drink that will help boost your health, check out this ginger-turmeric tea recipe here

Benefits of Buying Herbs and Spices in Bulk

Seeing how herbs and spices impact our everyday lives, you can see the advantages of keeping these items stocked in your home. Also, most herbs and spices have a shelf life of up to 2-3 years. Although over time they may lose some of their potency and may start to lack flavor, but they do not actually spoil. 


One of the most beneficial aspects of buying organic or wildcrafted herbs and spices in bulk is the affordability. You can often save 30-70% on herbs and spices when you buy in bulk. Typically you won’t see savings immediately, but you will save money per unit which will add up over time. If you’re regularly using certain spices and herbs then the savings will add up more quickly although there may only be a small difference per use. Buying in bulk means that you’ll be purchasing items less, saving you money on packaging and on the product itself. And who doesn’t enjoy the opportunity to save some money? 

Environmentally Friendly

Sustainability for our environment is important now more than ever. Fortunately, buying in bulk is an environmentally friendly option for purchasing herbs and spices. For instance, purchasing bulk spices and herbs greatly reduces the amount of product packaging. Smaller purchases will require more packaging to be used, which in turn is utilizing more resources. Also, you’ll prevent excess waste of packaging when you buy herbs and spices in bulk. For example, when you purchase a one-time-use seasoning packet at the store, you’re throwing out the packaging after each use. With bulk spices and herbs, you can store them in reusable jars which will limit your amount of waste. Not only are air-tight reusable containers a sustainable packaging option, but they will also extend the shelf life of your spices and herbs by reducing their oxidation. 

Buy Herbs and Spices in Bulk with American Botanicals

Buying herbs and spices in bulk has many advantages for your wallet and for the environment. And when you purchase your products from wholesale spice distributors like American Botanicals, you can trust that you’re not only helping to sustain the environment and save money, but you’re also getting a high-quality ingredient that is 100% certified organic. If you want to learn more about wholesale herb suppliers, visit American Botanicals online. Or you can shop our products


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