American Botanicals specializes in the manufacturing and production of wholesale herbs, spices, and botanicals. With the increased use of herbs, botanicals, and spices, in homes and businesses, it is more important than ever to ensure we are foraging ethically and sustainably. Wildcrafting has quickly become a popular way of naturally gathering bulk organic and wildcrafted herbs and spices for wholesale spice distributors. However, wildcrafting requires a good amount of knowledge and understanding to do so responsibly. 

At American Botanicals, we pride ourselves on our ethical and respectful wildcrafting process to produce high-quality bulk ingredients. Check out our production process below and learn more about our sensible wildcrafting procedures. 

Our Harvesting Facility 

American Botanicals has 33,000 acres of leased land in the Appalachians. Having this uninterrupted acreage allows for the harvest of botanicals through completely sustainable methods.

Being in this area certainly has its benefits. We can dry all material at the same location for roots, barks, and herbs which eliminates the need to send it off to another location which requires additional resources for transportation and the drying process itself. Not only do we practice critical conservation methods, but we also prioritize community support in local areas by creating job opportunities and generating more revenue locally. 

American Botanicals Wildcrafting Process

American Botanicals differs from other wholesale herb suppliers and spice distributors because we believe in harvesting from nature to promote sustainability and wellness to ensure product quality for generations to come. From gathering to packaging, all our products follow the American Herbal Products Association guidelines through the entire supply chain. 

Ethical wildcrafting involves gathering just the leaves, fruit, seeds, or branches from the plants. This ensures that plenty of the plant remains intact so that it can continue the supply. When wildcrafting, it is crucial that you never strip the entire plant. 

From harvesting to shipping, we promise to practice the most sustainable methods for our environment. This helps keep our environment healthy and happy and allows us to produce the highest quality botanicals and herbs. Once the ingredients are gathered, they are cut to size using cutting mills, hammer mills, and roller mills. Next, they are purified using either a dry or moist heat sterilization process. This reduces the microbiological load of the ingredients and creates an unadulterated product. A ribbon blender and tumbling mixer are then used to create custom blends of herbs and spices. And finally, the products are packaged in 50-1,000 -pound units using kraft bags, poly bags, corrugated boxes, corrugated totes, and super-sacks.  

wholesale herbs and botanicals and spices, wholesale herb suppliers, wholesale spice distributorsHow Ethical Wildcrafting Promotes Sustainability 

When wildcrafting is done respectfully and responsibly, it is an extremely sustainable foraging method. One of the ways American Botanicals promotes conservation of our sourced wild botanicals is by following the guidelines set forth by AHPA (American Herbal Products Association). AHPA’s guidelines set renewable practices for community wildcrafting which ensure that all spices, herbs, and botanicals are grown, protected, and harvested using ethical and sustainable methods. Another way we have been able to improve our impact on the environment is by changing the way we package some of our products. Not only do wholesale herbs and spices use less packaging material, but our facility has also sought out more eco-friendly packaging that uses fewer resources. 

Sustainable and Ethical Herbs, Botanicals & Spices from American Botanicals

At American Botanicals, we do not just focus on getting our product, we emphasize how we get our product. From beginning to end, starting with growing and finishing with packaging, we ensure that our methods are sustainable and ethical for the environment and for the local communities we support. We feel confident in our practice, and our products. If you want to learn more about wholesale herb suppliers, visit American Botanicals online, we even have a tab designated for all our USDA Organic approved items. 

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