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When wholesale spice distributors and herb suppliers choose to team up with local farmers to source their ingredients, they’re doing a huge favor to the local economy by putting money back into the community. American Botanicals—a supplier of bulk and wholesale organic spices, herbs, and botanicals — supplies health manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic companies, and food manufacturers throughout the world with quality ingredients. American Botanicals is most proud of the way in which it has chosen to conduct business—partnering with farmers in the U.S. and purchasing ingredients directly from those farmers and collectors.


At American Botanicals, we aren’t just focused solely on getting our products like other wholesale spice distributors and herb suppliers. We are concerned about how  we get our product. Ensuring that the farmers and collectors we partner with are committed to sustainable practices is one of our top priorities. While we want to grow our business and share our quality of our wholesale spices, herbs and botanicals, it is our mission to do it in a responsible way. We want to reduce our environmental impact and engage in activities that promote conservation of the bulk and wholesale organic spices, herbs and botanicals we source. We believe in deriving our ingredients with integrity and building and maintaining positive relationships with farmers and collectors in the rural communities in which our herbs, botanicals, and spices grow. Many of the suppliers we work with have been partnered with us for over twenty-five years. We focus on two areas in which we feel we can make the biggest positive impact on the environment.


In order to promote conservation of the wild botanicals we source, we follow APHA wildcrafted guidelines to ensure that the wildcrafted and organic bulk spices, herbs, and botanicals we source are protected and grown with integrity in mind. Following best practices for wildcrafting is essential for making sure that we reduce the impact that our operations have on the environment. We have also made a concerted effort to reduce our environmental impact by changing the way we package our products. Our Carob is packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard shipping containers as opposed to pallets, and we promote packaging sassafras is reusable super sacks as opposed to cardboard boxes.


Building trust between buyer and supplier is essential for ensuring that our ingredients are fresh and grown with ethical considerations in mind. Wholesale spice distributors often operate in rural communities. We know how important it is for our suppliers to maintain their livelihood and continue doing what they’re passionate about. Nurturing this relationship and compensating our suppliers fairly is a top priority. Because we genuinely care about our earth and the people who live here, we want to make the business we do here at American Botanicals good for everyone.

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Bulk Organic Spices Creates Jobs

Through partnering with local and non-local farmers,  wholesale herb suppliers not only get access to the highest quality and freshest ingredients but also get the opportunity to create jobs here in the United States. For decades, American Botanicals has been providing financial stability to farmers and allowing them to build their reputation as a credible source for quality wholesale organic spices, herbs and botanicals. Wholesale spice distributors value putting capital directly back into the community and giving small businesses and farmers a means to expand their operation. The manufacturers that purchase their botanicals, herbs, and spices from American Botanicals also get the opportunity to bring awareness to this fact. As we all know, job creation in the USA is essential and necessary to drive shared and sustainable economic growth.

A History of Investing in Rural Communitiespromoting sustainability

The fund used to originally invest in American Botanicals came from a partnership between Advantage Capital Partners and nine Farm Credit Organizations. The purpose of the partnership was to “bring together resources and people focused on providing more private capital, small business investment and quality jobs to rural America.” Farm credit makes it possible for rural agricultural communities to have access to financial support, allowing these areas to thrive and grow. American Botanicals is proud to partner with companies whose commitment to sustainability mirrors its own. 

Buy Wholesale and Bulk Organic Spices, Herbs and Botanicals

If you’re interested in learning more about American Botanicals and wholesale herb suppliers and spice distributors, visit Whether you’re a manufacturer looking to incorporate our bulk herbs, spices and botanicals into your formula, or a farmer interested in partnering with us, we would love to hear from you! Help us put money back into local economies, and help us contribute to a more sustainable world.

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